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IO module for sbt
Scala Java
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eed3si9n Merge pull request #278 from eed3si9n/wip/sdkman
workaround for SDKMAN getting stuck
Latest commit 177bd7a Nov 6, 2019
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io/src Prefer JavaMillis starting from Java 10 Oct 18, 2019
notes notes Jun 30, 2017
project update Travis CI configuration Oct 19, 2019
.appveyor.yml Fix Coursier cache location for windows Aug 1, 2019
.gitignore Add target to gitignore Jul 3, 2017
.java-version .java-version 1.8 so 2.12 can publish Jan 5, 2017
.scalafmt.conf Bump scalafmt Jul 18, 2019
.travis.yml workaround for SDKMAN getting stuck Nov 6, 2019
NOTICE Apache License 2.0 Feb 22, 2019
build.sbt Update mima rules Oct 19, 2019
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