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Changing order of fingerprints to allow tests with @RunWith to execute #37

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I found that when tests that were annotated with @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) did not get properly executed when using junit-interface (sbt 0.13). After some digging, it appeared that it was because these test definitions were being assigned the JunitFingerprint, when they should have been assigned the RunWithFingerprint. My guess was that the first matching fingerprint for each test definition was used, so it made sense that making RunWithFingerprint the first item returned from the framework would cause RunWithFingerprint to be assigned to test definitions having the @RunWith annotation - after switching to the forked version with the new ordering, my tests now execute using the Junit Runner as expected.


Open issue for this bug with reproduction steps: #14 (comment)


See also the comment by @retronym on another open bug #21 (comment)


Looks to me like this is the same problem as #21

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jsuereth commented Jan 9, 2014

Nice analysis and fix! Thanks much.

@jsuereth jsuereth merged commit 261a761 into sbt:master Jan 9, 2014
@benmccann benmccann referenced this pull request in playframework/playframework May 15, 2014

Remove workaround for Specs2/JUnit conflicts #1889

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