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* sbt-boilerplate is distributed under the 2-Clause BSD license. See the LICENSE file in the root
* of the repository.
* Copyright (c) 2012 Johannes Rudolph
package spray.boilerplate
import sbt._
import Keys._
object BoilerplatePlugin extends Plugin {
object Boilerplate {
val boilerplateGenerate = TaskKey[Seq[File]]("boilerplate-generate", "Generates boilerplate from template files")
val settings = seq(
sourceDirectory in boilerplateGenerate <<= (sourceDirectory in Compile) / "boilerplate",
target in boilerplateGenerate <<= (sourceManaged in Compile),
boilerplateGenerate <<= (streams, sourceDirectory in boilerplateGenerate, target in boilerplateGenerate) map generateFromTemplates,
(sourceGenerators in Compile) <+= boilerplateGenerate,
(managedSourceDirectories in Compile) <+= target in boilerplateGenerate,
// watch sources support
includeFilter in boilerplateGenerate := "*.template",
excludeFilter in boilerplateGenerate <<= excludeFilter in Global,
watch(sourceDirectory in boilerplateGenerate, includeFilter in boilerplateGenerate, excludeFilter in boilerplateGenerate),
// add managed sources to the packaged sources
mappings in (Compile, packageSrc) <++=
(sourceManaged in Compile, managedSources in Compile) map { (base, srcs)
(srcs x (Path.relativeTo(base) | Path.flat))
def watch(sourceDirKey: SettingKey[File], filterKey: SettingKey[FileFilter], excludeKey: SettingKey[FileFilter]) =
watchSources <++= (sourceDirKey, filterKey, excludeKey) map descendents
def descendents(sourceDir: File, filt: FileFilter, excl: FileFilter) =
descendantsExcept(sourceDir, filt, excl).get
def generateFromTemplates(streams: TaskStreams, sourceDir: File, targetDir: File): Seq[File] = {
val files = sourceDir ** "*.template"
def changeExtension(f: File): File = {
val (ext, name) = f.getName.reverse.span(_ != '.')
new File(f.getParent, name.drop(1).reverse.toString)
val mapping = (files x rebase(sourceDir, targetDir)).map {
case (orig, target) (orig, changeExtension(target))
mapping foreach {
case (templateFile, target)
if (templateFile.lastModified > target.lastModified) {"Generating '%s'" format target.getName)
val template =
IO.write(target, Generator.generateFromTemplate(template, 22))
} else
streams.log.debug("Template '%s' older than target. Ignoring." format templateFile.getName)
def descendantsExcept(path: PathFinder, include: FileFilter, intermediateExclude: FileFilter): PathFinder =
(path ** include) --- (path ** intermediateExclude ** include)
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