@eed3si9n eed3si9n released this Apr 20, 2017 · 41 commits to master since this release

sbt-buildinfo 0.7.0 is cross published to sbt 0.13.x and sbt 1.0.0-M5.


  • If generating resources, put them into resourceManaged. #94 by @alexeyr


One can now use

buildInfoRenderFactory := ScalaCaseClassRenderer.apply

To switch to another Renderer. Also added a Case Class renderer, which will create a case class AND an object that inherits the class. This makes it easy to use a jsonFormatter with the output. #98 by @axos88


Adds buildInfoValues task, which exposes the set of BuildInfoResult objects used by sbt-buildinfo to generate BuildInfo files.
This can be used within the sbt build itself to add the build info to the jar Manifest. #89 by @jastice