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An sbt plugin for formating Java code
Scala Java
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sbt-java-formatter scaladex-badge travis-badge

An sbt plugin for formatting Java code. This plugin began as a combination of ideas from this blog post and this maven plugin, though it has evolved since.


Add the plugin to project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.lightbend.sbt" % "sbt-java-formatter" % "0.4.3")

Use scaladex-badge for sbt 1.x, and 0.2.0 for previous versions of sbt.


This plugin uses the Google Java Format library, which makes it quite opinionated and not particularly configurable.

If you want to tweak the format, take a minute to consider whether it is really worth it, and have a look at the motivations in the Google Java Style Guide. If you decide you really need more flexibility, you could consider other plugins such as the sbt-checkstyle-plugin


Yes, we'll happily accept PRs to improve the plugin, but please note that the plugin is very rough around the edges.

Take a look at the contributors graph if you want to contact any of the contributors directly.


Apache v2

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