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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ toplinks:
content: |
#### Windows Releases ####
- [Click here]( for the latest windows MSI.
+ [Click here]( for the latest windows MSI.
*Note: please make sure to report any issues you may find [here](*
- name: 'Yum Repository'
@@ -56,12 +56,12 @@ toplinks:
id: 'manual'
content: |
#### Pre-Built Zip files ###
- Download one of the pre-built [zip](
- or [tgz]( and
+ Download one of the pre-built [zip](
+ or [tgz]( and
add the bin/ to your path.
#### By Hand installation ####
- First, download the [launcher jar](
+ First, download the [launcher jar](
and place it somewhere useful.
THEN, create a script in that same directory.
##### Windows #####
@@ -222,11 +222,11 @@ For details, see `help session`.
{% highlight console %}
> about
-[info] This is sbt 0.11.3
+[info] This is sbt 0.12.0
[info] The current project is {file:~/code/}default
-[info] The current project is built against Scala 2.9.1
+[info] The current project is built against Scala 2.9.2
[info] Available Plugins: com.jsuereth.ghpages.GhPages, com.jsuereth.git.GitPlugin, com.jsuereth.sbtsite.SitePlugin
-[info] sbt, sbt plugins, and build definitions are using Scala 2.9.1
+[info] sbt, sbt plugins, and build definitions are using Scala 2.9.2
{% endhighlight %}
<h4 id="value">Show the value of a setting</h4>
@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ The `show` command also works for tasks, described next.
[info] Update report:
[info] Resolve time: 122 ms, Download time: 5 ms, Download size: 0 bytes
[info] compile:
-[info] org.scala-lang:scala-library:2.9.1: ...
+[info] org.scala-lang:scala-library:2.9.2: ...
{% endhighlight %}
The `show` command will execute the task provided as an argument and then print the result.
@@ -262,15 +262,15 @@ which does not execute a task and thus can only display its type and not its gen
{% highlight console %}
> show compile:dependency-classpath
-[info] ArrayBuffer(Attributed(~/.sbt/0.11.3/boot/scala-2.9.1/lib/scala-library.jar))
+[info] ArrayBuffer(Attributed(~/.sbt/0.12.0/boot/scala-2.9.2/lib/scala-library.jar))
{% endhighlight %}
For the test classpath,
{% highlight console %}
> show test:dependency-classpath
-[info] ArrayBuffer(Attributed(~/code/, Attributed(~/.sbt/0.11.3/boot/scala-2.9.1/lib/scala-library.jar), Attributed(~/.ivy2/cache/junit/junit/jars/junit-4.8.2.jar))
+[info] ArrayBuffer(Attributed(~/code/, Attributed(~/.sbt/0.12.0/boot/scala-2.9.2/lib/scala-library.jar), Attributed(~/.ivy2/cache/junit/junit/jars/junit-4.8.2.jar))
{% endhighlight %}
<h4 id="applications">Show the main classes detected in a project</h4>
@@ -73,8 +73,8 @@ The details of this execution can be recalled by running `last`:
[debug] Starting sandboxed run...
[debug] Waiting for threads to exit or System.exit to be called.
[debug] Classpath:
-[debug] /tmp/e/target/scala-2.9.1/classes
-[debug] /tmp/e/.sbt/0.12.0/boot/scala-2.9.1/lib/scala-library.jar
+[debug] /tmp/e/target/scala-2.9.2/classes
+[debug] /tmp/e/.sbt/0.12.0/boot/scala-2.9.2/lib/scala-library.jar
[debug] Waiting for thread run-main to exit
[debug] Thread run-main exited.
[debug] Interrupting remaining threads (should be all daemons).
@@ -42,10 +42,10 @@ By default, sbt's interactive mode is started when no commands are provided on t
The `scalaVersion` configures the version of Scala used for compilation. By default, sbt also adds a dependency on the Scala library with this version. See the next section for how to disable this automatic dependency. If the Scala version is not specified, the version sbt was built against is used. It is recommended to explicitly specify the version of Scala.
-For example, to set the Scala version to "2.9.1",
+For example, to set the Scala version to "2.9.2",
{% highlight scala %}
-scalaVersion := "2.9.1"
+scalaVersion := "2.9.2"
{% endhighlight %}
<h4 id="noauto">Disable the automatic dependency on the Scala library</h4>

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