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The project contains the sources used to generate


You need to have jekyll and Pygments installed. Luckily, that's quite easy: gem install jekyll rdiscount --no-ri --no-rdoc && sudo easy_install Pygments

If that doesn't work, check out the installation instructions.


You can find the sources in the src/jekyll folder.

To generate the site, simply start an SBT shell and type:

> make-site
> ghpages-push-site

When you fire up sbt, you may see an error like this:

[error] AttributeKey ID collisions detected for: 'pgp-signer' (sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.PgpSigner], sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.PgpSigner]), 'pgp-verifier' (sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.PgpVerifier], sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.PgpVerifier]), 'pgp-context' (sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.cli.PgpCommandContext], sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.cli.PgpCommandContext]), 'check-pgp-signatures' (sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.SignatureCheckReport], sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.SignatureCheckReport]), 'pgp-static-context' (com.jsuereth.pgp.cli.PgpStaticContext, com.jsuereth.pgp.cli.PgpStaticContext), 'signatures-module' (sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.GetSignaturesModule], sbt.Task[com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.GetSignaturesModule])

If that happens, you probably have a global SBT setting or plugin that conflicts with the expectations of this repo's build.sbt. In that case, just fire up SBT so that it skips your ~/.sbt directory. e.g.:

$ sbt

To preview the site, start jekyll and browse to localhost:4000:

$ jekyll src/jekyll/ target/jekyll/ --server
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