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sbt, the interactive build tool
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eed3si9n Merge pull request #4982 from eed3si9n/wip/gc
avoid force gc during load
Latest commit 49afe01 Aug 23, 2019
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.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE Auto-label bug reports & delete old issue template Jun 4, 2019
core-macros/src/main/scala/sbt/internal/util/appmacro Add support for managed task inputs May 2, 2019
internal Used Seq instead of Stream Aug 23, 2019
launch Adds sbt.boot.lock sysprop to opt-out Feb 8, 2018
licenses move remaining pieces of sbt subproject to sbt_pending and fix notices Sep 22, 2010
main-actions/src Fix duplicate entry Jul 23, 2019
main-command/src Merge branch 'develop' into parser-fix Jul 30, 2019
main-settings/src Add test case and scaladoc Aug 19, 2019
main Merge pull request #4982 from eed3si9n/wip/gc Aug 23, 2019
notes Revert "don't require publishTo specified if publishArtifact is `false`" Aug 8, 2019
project Bump sbt to use 1.3.0-RC4 Aug 20, 2019
protocol/src/main apply formatting Apr 20, 2019
run quote run argument if it contains a whitespace Jun 24, 2019
sbt/src Fix clean performance Aug 22, 2019
scripted-plugin/src/main/scala/sbt -Xfatal-warnings in most subprojects Sep 18, 2018
scripted-sbt-old/src/main/scala/sbt/test Update header Sep 14, 2018
scripted-sbt-redux Run scripted watch tests with launcher on windows Aug 16, 2019
src/main/conscript 1.2.0 Jul 30, 2018
tasks-standard Add support for in memory cache store Jul 12, 2019
tasks Don't automatically die on OOM: metaspace May 28, 2019
testing Bump scalafmt Jul 18, 2019
vscode-sbt-scala fix typo Jun 6, 2019
zinc-lm-integration/src Add new ClassLoaderCache implementation May 28, 2019
.appveyor.yml Add coursier cache to CI Aug 1, 2019
.gitattributes remove gittatributes, assume core.autocrlf=false Jun 26, 2018
.gitignore add .idea to .gitignore Aug 15, 2019
.java-version Configure JVM 1.8 in .java-version Oct 7, 2016
.mailmap Add mailmap Jun 11, 2019
.sbtopts Use .sbtopts to increase the RAM Jun 25, 2018
.scalafmt.conf Bump scalafmt Jul 18, 2019
.travis.yml Add coursier cache to CI Aug 1, 2019 Split some of the developing related docs to Jul 15, 2019 Minor clarification of logging message Jul 19, 2019
LICENSE Apache License 2.0 Sep 14, 2018
NOTICE Apache License 2.0 Sep 14, 2018 fix typo Jul 8, 2018 fix typo Jun 6, 2019 Split support into Apr 25, 2018
build.sbt Fix typo Jul 29, 2019 1.0.3-SNAPSHOT Sep 16, 2017 Bump underlying modules to latest Mar 23, 2017 setting query is "sbt/setting" Oct 3, 2017

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sbt is a build tool for Scala, Java, and more.

For general documentation, see

sbt 1.x

This is the 1.x series of sbt. The source code of sbt is split across several GitHub repositories, including this one.

  • sbt/io hosts module.
  • sbt/util hosts a collection of internally used modules.
  • sbt/librarymanagement hosts sbt.librarymanagement module that wraps Ivy.
  • sbt/zinc hosts Zinc, an incremental compiler for Scala.
  • sbt/sbt, this repository hosts modules that implements the build tool.

Other links

  • Setup: Describes getting started with the latest binary release.
  • FAQ: Explains how to get help and more.
  • sbt/sbt-zero-seven: hosts sbt 0.7.7 and earlier versions

Issues and Pull Requests

Please read CONTRIBUTING carefully before opening a GitHub Issue.

The short version: try searching or asking on StackOverflow.



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