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base fork: sbt/sbt
head fork: harrah/xsbt
Commits on Nov 04, 2011
@harrah harrah fix actions/doc test ca62cb1
Commits on Nov 05, 2011
@harrah harrah in cyclic error message, put each node string on different line 2d1cee0
@harrah harrah fix dependency-management/artifact test 7b0d3e5
@harrah harrah fix mistakenly changed return type of State.setResult 41541d2
Commits on Nov 06, 2011
@harrah harrah 0.11.1 fe4ffd9
Commits on Nov 25, 2011
@harrah harrah Remove local Maven repository from launcher's list of repositories
This is motivated by the high likelihood that it is causing the
 various problems some users have with the launcher not finding
 some dependencies. ref #217.
@harrah harrah show deprecation message for project/plugins/. fixes #272. 9d6c926
@harrah harrah Adjust 'about' output because logging is now rotated. 5cda47f
@aolshevskiy aolshevskiy Fixed scripted plugin descriptor to reside in sbt package 0438b37
@jsuereth jsuereth Attempting to fix git forking in windows 7147fb6
@jsuereth jsuereth Stefan Zeiger's fixes to not NPE when checking for windows. Additiona…
…l cleanup to put windows git-run checks in one function.
@harrah harrah need to explicitly trim whitespace in semicolon separated commands no…
…w. fixes #261.
@harrah harrah only require descriptors for dependencies without an explicit URL. fi…
…xes #263
@indrajitr indrajitr Add classifier for 'jar' artifact type only. Closes #257. ea4d1d2
@indrajitr indrajitr Cleanups activities
- extract exclusion block to separate method
- replace simple cases of mapping over function with pattern matching
@harrah harrah revert XNode/Node rename because of shadowing when running full API d…
…oc generation
@indrajitr indrajitr Miscellaneous updates
- honor includeTypes to filter dependency artifact candidates for classifier setting
- prefer the more stable Seq[_] instead of Iterable[_]
- import cleanups
@harrah harrah API documentation 96d51da
Commits on Nov 26, 2011
@harrah harrah build with 0.11.1 ee5738b
@indrajitr indrajitr Prevent 'radio silence' for
While this increases the verbosity level of ``, it remains
consistent with ``. Switching between `fork := false` and
`fork := true` shouldn't change verbosity of log output.
@indrajitr indrajitr update to reflect the changes in the current branch a336ab2
@indrajitr indrajitr Append dummy argument to `-classpath` when it is actually empty.
Scala compiler's way of handling empty classpath argument is problematic.
This workaround appends a dummy classpath argument when the classpath is
actually empty. Fixes #269 (also see #82, #85).
Commits on Nov 27, 2011
@harrah harrah 0.11.2 1e47d72
Commits on May 05, 2012
@harrah harrah don't suggest similar keys for strings with only 1 or 2 characters 4561606
@harrah harrah treat case differences differently dd6120a
@harrah harrah correct default resolver order 3473ba0
@harrah harrah fix maxErrors to filter errors, not warnings be735d9
@harrah harrah TestFramework.toString 9e12854
@harrah harrah org.scala-tools.sbt -> org.scala-sbt and dropping fro…
…m defaults
@harrah harrah use snapshots repository at for Scala snapshots 32e923d
@harrah harrah fix integration test group 'tests' 0fa0e4a
@harrah harrah fix dep-management/pom-packaging test b3e5c2a
@harrah harrah substitute variables in custom repository definitions 03497bd
@harrah harrah substitute variables in explicit version strings dbbdad6
@harrah harrah simpler compatibility fix works ok 654b163
@harrah harrah support setting sbt.version from system property, which overrides set…
…ting in a properties file

fixes #354
@dcsobral dcsobral Fix file descriptor leak.
Close an InputStream when finished reading it. When given an
OutputStream to connect to a process input, close it when the
transfer is completed. Protect in this latter case.
@harrah harrah cleanup, fix compilation 382982d
Eugene Vigdorchik Use AtomicInteger for test statistics, Fixes #372. 2c10d87
Eugene Vigdorchik test- preffix should be stripped to obtain classifier. 185b200
@harrah harrah Declare extra namespace in ModuleDescriptor for parsed plugin poms. F…
…ixes #368.
@harrah harrah bump jsch version to 0.1.46. fixes #403 f870ed7
@indrajitr indrajitr Ensure that `parents` for java classes have all the ancestors
Currently, only immediate parents classes are picked up for java classes.
This could be problematic, for example, in detecting Fingerprint for test frameworks.
So far, Scala types are not affected –– all the ancestors are available for them.
@indrajitr indrajitr Improved implementation for `parents` accumulation for java classes
It now considers `ParameterizedType` and includes all interfaces recursively
@harrah harrah buffer url input stream returned by Using. fixes #437 1f6f5bb
@harrah harrah build with 0.11.2 77e0703
@harrah harrah update precompiled versions, move plugins definition to preferred loc…
@harrah harrah compatibility method in process 97ddd10
@harrah harrah more scala-tools replacements 3b200a0
@harrah harrah scala-tools related deprecations 152a50a
@harrah harrah fix dep-mgmt tests bf7e361
@harrah harrah 0.11.3 2422df2