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Eliminate or make configurable check for main artifact for packaging="pom" #636

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Poms with a packaging of “pom” normally do not have main artifacts. If one exists, however, Maven will get it. Therefore, during a normal update, Ivy checks whether a main artifact exists for a “pom” packaging exists, but it usually doesn’t. This can add a substantial time to resolution. It is not clear what the specified behavior is and whether this check is enabled by default depends on that specified behavior. At a minimum, checking for packaging="pom" should be configurable. This may be tricky to implement as an sbt-only change and may require a patch to Ivy.

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@harrah harrah closed this issue from a commit
@harrah harrah Don't try to automatically detect a main artifact when packaging=pom.…
… Fixes #636.

For the rare case where a main artifact is expected, add an explicit jar()
to the dependency declaration.
@harrah harrah closed this in c5823ad
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