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reducing complexity #1

manzke opened this Issue Jan 24, 2012 · 3 comments

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manzke commented Jan 24, 2012


I stumbled about your tayler, because I looked today at HawtJournal and Journal.IO.

I just want to leave a link, because I think, you have a lot of complicated stuff in your taylor implementation, which is not necessary.

Some time ago, I created a Websockets-based Tailor implementation:


  • if a file is rotated, you don't need to reopen it / just seek to 0
  • raf is able to read a line (RandomAccessFile.readLine()) / why are you doing all the stuff?! :)

Have fun. :)


Hi Daniel,

thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

To address your two complexity points:

1) File rotation.
I kept that trick from the original codebase, coming from Apache Commons: it should address some incompatibilities with file seek in case of rotation, never actually tested it but it doesn't hurt, so I left it there.

2) Line reading
There are two notable differences: RandomAccessFile.readLine() isn't buffered and blocks until the line ending condition is met.

Hope that helps clarifying the implementation: do you see any other complexity points?

manzke commented Jan 25, 2012


thanks for your feedback. The readline is interesting. I'll have a look at it.

What I "don't like" is the manual delay of the thread. I would encapsulate this stuff into the executor like you have described it in your javadoc. (but with a real executor :))

For myself I try to remove all manual thread handling from the code. Executors and ExecutorService are pretty nice tools. :)


You're generally correct about Executors, but I think they wouldn't provide such an improvement over current approach to justify a refactoring: I've got it from the previous Apache implementation, it worked and again, I kept it :)

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