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This is the Java client code from Yubico to demonstrate how to use Yubico's 
web service to validate an OTP generated by your Yubikey.

It includes a 

 [ Java class called YubicoClient in the file ]

that your application can use to verify an Yubikey OTP.

*NOTE: The first 12 characters is the universally unique Yubikey device ID that 
 doesn't change, the following characters constitute the OTP.

	      Integration with Your Application

On the web part:

Eg. In your user login form, add Yubikey as the 2nd factor of authentication
    like this:

 ***** Web User Login Form ******************************************

 Username:  _________________     Password:  _________________

 Touch the button on Yubikey: ________________________________


1) Your application verifies the username and password as usual.

2) After verifying username/password, call YubiClient to verify the
   OTP as the 2nd-factor strong authentication.

3) Log the user in or reject the user depends whether the OTP
   validation result is true or false.

For demo purposes, the above is enough, you can just validate the OTP
and let the user in.

During production time, it is suggested that you create a database
table for yubikey to link the user ID (owner of the key) to the
Yubikey DeviceId.

 DeviceId     |  UserId
vvfucnlcrrne       1890
abnnloposxxc       4371
bjuilddkfopf       2285
..........         ....

First time when a user plugs in a Yubikey, the DeviceId non-exists in
the table, so you ask him/her to register. Verify the OTP to make sure
he/she does own that key.

Later, when the user comes back to your site, you can just do the
above validation steps 1 - 3 and make sure this is the user that owns
the device.

Refer to mashed life that supports Yubikey. That's a good example:

Test Yubico validation service with your Yubikey in action using

Usage: runIt.bat Auth_ID OTP

Eg. runIt.bat 32 vvfucnlcrrnejlbuthlktguhclhvegbungldcrefbnku

The binary is at src\com\yubico\YubicoClient.class

[0] cd src\

[1] Plug Yubikey into your USB port, touch the button to generate the OTP:

C:\yubico> runIt.bat 32 vvfucnlcrrneejllbclujdivivvvlttjgnctncreunhl

* OTP verified OK
* Last response: t=2008-03-26T19:43:27Z0430

[2] Try reuse the above OTP again, it will fail with the reason 'replayed OTP'.

C:\yubico> runIt.bat 32 vvfucnlcrrneejllbclujdivivvvlttjgnctncreunhl

* Failed to verify OTP
* Last response: t=2008-03-26T19:43:51Z0707

[3] Try enter some invalid OTP, it fails with the reason 'bad OTP'.

C:\yubico> runIt.bat 32 xyxyxyxyxxyxyxyx

* Failed to verify OTP
* Last response: t=2008-03-26T19:47:19Z0301

	System Requirements

* Developed and tested on Sun JDK 1.5 which you can get from


Visit or 



Client library written in Java for verifying Yubikey one-time passwords (OTPs).




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