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Astoria is a research prototype AS-aware Tor client. It is constantly changing and should not be considered secure enough for browsing sensitive content.

Find the paper that describes the internals of Astoria here: Arxiv.

It may happen from time-to-time, that the details described in the paper will be out-of-date with the current client. We will make the effort to prevent this from happening too often.


We follow the principles of the CRAPL licence and take no responsibility for any thing that might happen to you, your system, or your network when you use Astoria.

Astoria Installation

Astoria consists of two parts -- a client (a modified version of the original Tor client) and a path prediction tool.

###Building the Astoria Tor client

Since Astoria is a fork of the original Tor client (and has large similarities to it), the installation process is identical.

In ./astoria-tor-client:

sh && ./configure && make && make install

###Path Prediction Toolkit

The toolkit is ready to go. You just need to have "mono" installed.

Running Astoria

First, you need to get the path prediction toolkit running. In ./bgp_sim:

mono TestingApplication/bin/Release/TestingApplication.exe -server11000 TestingApplication/bin/Release/Cyclops_caida_cons.txt precomp/US-precomp367.txt cache/exit_asns.txt

Cyclops_caida_cons.txt is the Caida AS topology to be used while performing prediction. US-precomp367.txt is some precomputed data you can use to make initialization faster. You can find more precomputed cache files for 10 countries in the precomp folder.

Initialization takes about 15 minutes.

Once the path prediction toolkit is up and running, you can start the Tor client.

In ./astoria-tor-client/src/or:


Remember, the longer you use Astoria, the faster it gets. Expect the first few pages you load to take a couple of minutes.


For support, please send an email to Rishab (rnithyanand AT cs DOT stonybrook DOT edu) or Oleksii (ostarov AT cs DOT stonybrook DOT edu). We will follow the principle of best-effort support, without providing any guarantees.


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