An UIWebViewController that mimics Safari



This code allows you to add in-app browsing of web pages. It takes care of handling all the special cases (ie links) I could think of:

  • mailto: : displays an MFMailComposeViewController and fill it with the mailto url: it handles ‘to’, ‘cc’, ‘subject’ and ‘body’
  • Youtube : urls linking to “” are displayed in the YouTube application.
  • : urls linking to “” (and other country variations) are displayed in the Map application.
  • iTunes Links : links to song are opened in the iTunes application.
  • AppStore links : links to applications are opened in the AppStore application.

You can customise the view, ie if you want a navigation tab bar or not.

You can choose to ask for a confirmation before exiting the app to open YouTube, Map, Safari.

The navigation tab bar will add standard web buttons, ie Back, Forward, Stop, Reload and also a button to send the url of the current page via email, or open it in Safari.


This code is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution (by) Licence