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Want to make a url shortening website? Here's a little library for encoding base 10 integers to arbitrary bases that you specify
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A library for encoding things

Right now it just deals with encoding integers to an arbitrary base.

FULL DISCLOSURE: It's pretty unreliable at the moment.

Example usage in node.js

var b = require("./base_encode");

// => "NV"

// => 777

Converting between hex, decimal, and binary

var b = require("./base_encode");
var hex = "0123456789ABCDEF";
var binary = "01";

console.log(b.encode(255, hex));
// => "FF"

console.log(b.decode("FF", hex));
// => 255

console.log(b.convert("FF", hex, binary));
// => 11111111

Using an arbitrary base

var b = require("./base_encode");
var mybase = "asdf123";

console.log(b.encode(1981, mybase));
// => "22fa"

console.log(b.decode("22fa", mybase));
// => 1981
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