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A collection of workflows enhancing Bear writer app on iOS and Mac.
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Bear Power Pack

2018-12-19 at 23:51 ICT

A collection of workflows enhancing Bear writer app on iOS and Mac.

Bear has a great implementation of export formats, x-callback-urls, and iOS integration, making extension like these possible.

Hope these workflows can be useful examples and inspire to more workflows. Hopefully some of them will come as Bear in-app features – in-the future … 🦁🤓


  • Bear Voice Recording – iOS
    • Workflow can be triggered from Today Widget, or (as a workaround) from editor share (Run Workflow) on selected text.
  • Apple Notes Export to Bear – Mac
    • Includes Title, headings, links, bold, italic, lists, images, and files.
  • Publish from Bear to WordPress on iOS – iOS
    • Publishes notes from Bear to WordPress
    • With images, tags, and feature image.
  • Bear Markdown and textbundle import – tags from files and folders – Mac (& iOS light version)
    • Imports markdown or textbundles from nested folders
    • Foldernames and MacOS file tags to Bear tags
    • Email to Bear, or import nested groups from Ulysses (images and keywords included)
  • Bear-Simplenote-Import – Mac python3
    • Import from Simlenote to Bear with tags, creation, and modified dates.
  • Bear TOC – iOS
    • Makes TOC in Bear Notes as bullet or num. list,
    • With or without HTML links.
  • Bear Photo JournaliOS & Mac
    • Makes a journal entry in Bear with date, photo, address, and map links.
    • Get tagged: #journal/yyyy/MM
  • Bear Photo Collection – iOS
    • Get a bunch of your favorite snaps into one bear note.
    • With dates, places and map links.
  • Bear Attach Files – iOS
    • Multiple files into one Bear note - with file info
  • Import Zip to Bear – iOS
    • Bulk markdown or text files import from a .zip archive.
  • Bear Find & Replace – iOS
    • Text replace, RegEx, and text factories on Bear notes.
  • Bear snapshot and restore – iOS
    • Saves any file type, export all notes, or Bear backups to designated iCloud Drive folders, with date stamp added to filename or folder name.
    • Restores single notes from snapshots, exports or backups.
  • Markdown export and sync of Bear notes – Mac python3
    • Export and roundtrip sync of Bear's notes to OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.
    • Edit or share online in browser, or edit on Android and Windows in any markdown editor there.
    • Remote edits and new notes get synced back into Bear.
  • Bear desktop shortcuts – Mac
    • Make any Bear x-callback-url command into a Mac desktop shortcut.
  • Save Bear Search – iOS (result also for Mac)
    • Saves searches as clickable action links in a “Saved Searches” note.
  • Bear Themes – Mac & iOS
    • Demo of clickable Theme changing action links in one Bear Note.
  • Make Bear Template – iOS (result also for Mac)
    • Convert a note into clickable template action links in one “Templates” note
  • Alfred 3 workflow to create and search notes in Bear - Mac

PS. I got Bear for distraction free writing – see how that worked … 😉

Disclaimer: these workflows are free to use, change, or fix. There will be no user support, but it’s quite easy to modify them. If you mess up, just download a fresh copy. Have fun! 🤓

Written with 🐻 on iOS and Mac

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