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About Pidgin-wechat

pidgin-wechat is a protocol plugin for pidgin/libpurple. It's based on Web Wechat and supports basic message receiving and picture receiving.


pidgin-wechat screenshot pidgin-wechat screenshot


You can use cargo to build it.

cargo build --release

Build dependencies

  • clang
  • libpurple (development package)

Build dependencies are maybe not fully listed. I have just tested on Archlinux with nightly rust complier.

You can download the compiled binary file in the Releases page.


If you build using cargo, the binary file is placed at the target/release or target/debug directory.

To install this plugin, just need to copy the binary to your plugins direcotry and restart pidgin.

mkdir -p ~/.purple/plugins
cp -f ~/.purple/plugins/


Now this project is still in technical validation. I need to test some wechat features and think about how to implement them in pidgin.


  • login
  • send/receive text message
  • send/receive text message in group chat
  • receive image message
  • receive custom sticker
  • upload file & image
  • buddy icon
  • wechat official accounts
  • rich text message
  • voice message
  • built in sticker
  • system message notify


Most common problems:

  • login failed, you can see 1101 error code at your terminal, need to relogin.

The log of pidgin-wechat is printed to the standard output. Start pidgin in your terminal, and then you can see it.

If it has crashed, you can use coredumpctl -1 info pidgin to check core dump info. It's very useful for finding out problems. (Make sure you install the coredump package)

File list

├── Cargo.lock
├── Cargo.toml
├── screenshot
│   ├── 2017-04-13-211208_887x708_scrot.png
│   └── 2017-04-13-211409_302x579_scrot.png
└── src
    ├──                                 struct of chatroom infomation
    ├──                                  struct of message
    ├──                                  a wrapper of raw C pointer
    ├──                                   core protocol file
    ├──                                     struct of user infomation
    └──                                   core pidgin interface file


Why use pidgin/libpurple?

The desktop wechat implementation already exists and maybe has modern UI, but I want to login to all my IMs in the same tool (like IRC, MSN, etc). I choose pidgin because it supports a lot of chat protocols.

Is red packet/custom sticker supported?

Not supported. Because this program is base on web wechat protocol, if the web wechat doesn't support these features, we can't either.


This project is licensed under WTFPL.