mDNS DNS-SD hybrid-proxy
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ohybridproxy - an mDNS/DNS hybrid-proxy based on mDNSResponder

** Abstract **

ohybridproxy is a mDNS/DNS hybrid-proxy which allows to exchange service
discovery and other mDNS-information usually limited to a single link
in routed networks with multiple links. This process is explained in which inspired
this implementation.

** License **

This project was originally licensed under the GNU General Public License 2,
under agreement of all copyright holders responsible for contributions in this 
branchs, the license was changed to Apache 2.0 effective March 3rd 2016.

** Features **

1. Translation of DNS requests 
	a) IPv4 + IPv6 support
	b) Filtering of link-local addresses
	c) UDP + TCP support

2. Support for multiple interfaces
	a) Individual domain setting per interface
	b) Automatic reverse lookup on all interfaces

** Compiling **

ohybridproxy depends on the following libraries:
* libubox:
* libdns_sd:

ohybridproxy uses cmake:
* To prepare a Makefile use:  "cmake ." 
* To build / install use: "make" / "make install" afterwards.
* To build DEB or RPM packages use: "make package" afterwards.

** Firmware Integration **

Although ohybridproxy can be statically configured this can be cumbersome in a
network with several routers. It is advised to exchange and manage its
configuration through a network configuration protocol.