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Code coverage for Solidity testing

coverage example


$ npm install --save-dev solidity-coverage


Truffle V5

Add this package to your plugins array in truffle-config.js (Truffle docs)

module.exports = {
  networks: {...},
  plugins: ["solidity-coverage"]


truffle run coverage [command-options]


Beginning with v0.7.12, this tool supports Hardhat and runs directly on HardhatEVM.

Require the plugin in hardhat.config.js (Hardhat docs)



npx hardhat coverage [command-options]

(Additional Hardhat-specific info can be found here)

Buidler [Deprecated]

Add the plugin in buidler.config.js (Buidler docs)


module.exports = {
  networks: {
    coverage: {
      url: 'http://localhost:8555'


npx buidler coverage --network coverage [command-options]

Buidler Project Examples:


OpenZeppelin have written their own coverage generation scripts for test-environment using the solidity-coverage API. A working example can be found at openzeppelin-contracts, here.

Usage notes:

  • Coverage runs tests a little more slowly.
  • Coverage launches its own in-process ganache server.
  • You can set ganache options using the providerOptions key in your .solcover.js config.
  • Coverage distorts gas consumption. Tests that check exact gas consumption should be skipped.
  • ⚠️ Contracts are compiled without optimization. Please report unexpected compilation faults to issue 417

Command Options

Option Example Description
file --file="test/registry/*.js" (Truffle) Filename or glob describing a subset of tests to run. (Globs must be enclosed by quotes.)
testfiles --testfiles "test/registry/*.ts" (Buidler) Test file(s) to run. (Globs must be enclosed by quotes.)
solcoverjs --solcoverjs ./../.solcover.js Relative path from working directory to config. Useful for monorepo packages that share settings. (Path must be "./" prefixed)
network --network development Use network settings defined in the Truffle or Buidler config
temp* --temp build ⚠️ Caution ⚠️ Path to a disposable folder to store compilation artifacts in. Useful when your test setup scripts include hard-coded paths to a build directory. More...

* Advanced use

Config Options

Additional options can be specified in a .solcover.js config file located in the root directory of your project.


module.exports = {
  skipFiles: ['Routers/EtherRouter.sol']
Option Type Default Description
silent Boolean false Suppress logging output
client Object require("ganache-core") Useful if you need a specific ganache version.
providerOptions Object { } ganache-core options
skipFiles Array ['Migrations.sol'] Array of contracts or folders (with paths expressed relative to the contracts directory) that should be skipped when doing instrumentation.
measureStatementCoverage boolean true Computes statement (in addition to line) coverage. More...
measureFunctionCoverage boolean true Computes function coverage. More...
istanbulFolder String ./coverage Folder location for Istanbul coverage reports.
istanbulReporter Array ['html', 'lcov', 'text', 'json'] Istanbul coverage reporters
mocha Object { } Mocha options to merge into existing mocha config. grep and invert are useful for skipping certain tests under coverage using tags in the test descriptions.
onServerReady* Function Hook run after server is launched, before the tests execute. Useful if you need to use the Oraclize bridge or have setup scripts which rely on the server's availability. More...
onCompileComplete* Function Hook run after compilation completes, before tests are run. Useful if you have secondary compilation steps or need to modify built artifacts. More...
onTestsComplete* Function Hook run after the tests complete, before Istanbul reports are generated. More...
onIstanbulComplete* Function Hook run after the Istanbul reports are generated, before the ganache server is shut down. Useful if you need to clean resources up. More...

* Advanced use


Solidity-coverage's core methods and many utilities are available as an API.

const CoverageAPI = require('solidity-coverage/api');

Documentation available here.


Common problems & questions:

Example reports

Contribution Guidelines

Contributions are welcome! If you're opening a PR that adds features or options please consider writing full unit tests for them. (We've built simple fixtures for almost everything and are happy to add some for your case if necessary).

Set up the development environment with:

$ git clone
$ yarn