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+<?xml version="1.0" ?>
+<!DOCTYPE html
+ PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
+ "">
+<html xmlns="">
+<link href="spud.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
+<h1><a name="label-0" id="label-0">NAME</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "NAME" -->
+<p>spud - S*P*U*D, vi modal style code editor.</p>
+<h1><a name="label-1" id="label-1">SYNOPSIS</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "SYNOPSIS" -->
+<p>spud [options] [file ...]</p>
+<h1><a name="label-2" id="label-2">DESCRIPTION</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "DESCRIPTION" -->
+<p>SPUD is a vi style editor. It is written entirely in Ruby and uses OpenGL to
+render its output. It attempts to overcome some of the shortcomings and
+inconsistencies associated with <a href="">vim</a>, and probably
+adds some more along the way.</p>
+<p>The general operation is very similar to vim. You start in normal mode,
+temporarily entering other modes to acheive various feats, and can type
+commands directly into the edit.</p>
+<p>Where it differs operationally from vim, is a more consistent and, hopefully,
+easier to remember keyboard mapping. For example, all window related commands
+are mapped to <em>alt-key</em> mappings.</p>
+<p>Visually, as its using opengl to render its output, SPUD is capable of various
+3D animations. The animations in the default version of SPUD are minimal and
+are intended to improve the user-experience, rather than have windows that fold
+themselves into the shape of a turd, then flush themselves down a toilet when
+you close a buffer. For instance, the windows rapidly scroll when paging up
+and down, so that it is less disorienting; or, the cursor is actually a light
+that is used when shading the windows.</p>
+<h2><a name="label-3" id="label-3">Modes</a></h2><!-- RDLabel: "Modes" -->
+<p>SPUD has a lot more modes than vim.</p>
+<p><a href="spud-normal.rd">spud-normal</a>,
+<a href="spud-motion.rd">spud-motion</a>,
+<a href="spud-visual.rd">spud-visual</a>,
+<a href="spud-delete.rd">spud-delete</a>,
+<a href="spud-yank.rd">spud-yank</a>,
+<a href="spud-register.rd">spud-register</a>,
+<a href="spud-insert.rd">spud-insert</a>,
+<a href="spud-change.rd">spud-change</a>,
+<a href="spud-replace-char.rd">spud-replace-char</a>,
+<a href="spud-indent.rd">spud-indent</a>,
+<a href="spud-case.rd">spud-case</a>,
+<a href="spud-snippets.rd">spud-snippets</a>,
+<a href="spud-completion.rd">spud-completion</a>,
+<a href="spud-macros.rd">spud-macro</a>,
+<a href="spud-bookmarks.rd">spud-bookmark</a>,
+<a href="spud-search.rd">spud-search</a>,
+<a href="spud-command.rd">spud-command</a>,
+<a href="spud-quick-open.rd">spud-quick-open</a>,
+<a href="spud-quick-buffer.rd">spud-quick-buffer</a>,
+<a href="spud-ruby.rd">spud-ruby</a></p>
+<h2><a name="label-4" id="label-4">Commands</a></h2><!-- RDLabel: "Commands" -->
+<h1><a name="label-5" id="label-5">OPTIONS</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "OPTIONS" -->
+<dt><a name="label-6" id="label-6">-x,--fullscreen</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "-x,&shy;&shy;fullscreen" -->
+Runs spud in fullscreen mode.
+<dt><a name="label-7" id="label-7">-f,--font=font.ttf</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "-f,&shy;&shy;font=font.ttf" -->
+Uses a custom true type font.
+<dt><a name="label-8" id="label-8">-v,--version</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "-v,&shy;&shy;version" -->
+Display spud version.
+<dt><a name="label-9" id="label-9">-h,--help</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "-h,&shy;&shy;help" -->
+Display command line option help
+<h1><a name="label-10" id="label-10">FILES</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "FILES" -->
+<dt><a name="label-11" id="label-11">~/.spudrc</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "~/.spudrc" -->
+User configuration file.
+<dt><a name="label-12" id="label-12">~/.spud/syntax</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "~/.spud/syntax" -->
+Custom syntax files.
+<dt><a name="label-13" id="label-13">~/.spud/colorscheme</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "~/.spud/colorscheme" -->
+Custom colorschemes.
+<dt><a name="label-14" id="label-14">~/.spud/snippets</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "~/.spud/snippets" -->
+Custom snippets
+<dt><a name="label-15" id="label-15">~/.spud/fonts</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "~/.spud/fonts" -->
+Custom fonts
+<dt><a name="label-16" id="label-16">source code</a></dt><!-- RDLabel: "source code" -->
+<a href="">&lt;URL:;</a>
+<h1><a name="label-17" id="label-17">SEE ALSO</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "SEE ALSO" -->
+<p><a href="custom.rd">spud-custom</a>,
+<a href="extending.rd">spud-extend</a>,
+<a href="colorscheme.rd">spud-colors</a>,
+<a href="syntax.rd">spud-syntax</a>,
+<a href="renderer.rd">spud-renderer</a>,</p>
+<h1><a name="label-18" id="label-18">AUTHOR</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "AUTHOR" -->
+<p>Scott Saulters &lt;;</p>
+<h1><a name="label-19" id="label-19">BUGS</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "BUGS" -->
+<h1><a name="label-20" id="label-20">COPYRIGHT</a></h1><!-- RDLabel: "COPYRIGHT" -->
+<p>Copyright 2011 (S*P*U*D)</p>

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