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Scott's Dotfiles

Fish Shell

Fish Shell Installation: brew install fish

add the shell to the system know shells: echo /usr/local/bin/fish | sudo tee -a /etc/shells

make fish your default shell: chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish

The Fish Shell configuration folder is located under: ~/.config/fish/

The main configuration file is: ~/.config/fish/, with 2 other sourced files:

source ~/.fish_aliases
source ~/.fish_variables

Bob the fish theme for Fish shell

Install Oh my fish

curl -L | fish

Install Bob the fish

omf install bobthefish


brew install tmux

Install Tmux plugin manager. Instructions here:

Install Tmux Themepack. Instructions here:

Install Powerline fonts.

# clone
git clone --depth=1
# install
cd fonts
# clean-up a bit
cd ..
rm -rf fonts

iTerm 2

Get the latest version at

Download a theme from here: Or use one of the files in the repo. TheOne.itermcolors or ayu.itermcolors

Make sure to change the font to Meslo LG L DZ Regular for Powerline (Or one of the other Meslo fonts) so the custom characters work. Also, make sure to turn on the option: General > Selection > Applications in terminal may access clipboard.


Install the latest vim from Homebrew: $ brew install vim or neovim

Install Ctags $ brew install ctags

Install Minpac:

Create the following folders as set in the .vimrc

set backupdir=~/.vim/backups
set directory=~/.vim/swaps
set undodir=~/.vim/undo

Follow the setup for One Dark syntax theme. There are two files to copy to your ~/.vim folder

All the plugins are defined using Minpac in the conf. You should just be able to run :PackUpdate in vim and it will install the plugins.

The only exception being the YouCompleteMe plugin where I had to actually run ./ from ~/.vim/pack/minpac/start/YouCompleteMe after it was downloaded.

Get italics working

Syntax highlighting in FZF preview windows:

$ gem install rouge

Silver Searcher

In order for :Ag to run you need to: brew install the_silver_searcher

Make CAPSLOCK useful

Install Karabiner and use config file in .config/