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GDB VimView

View current gdb frame in vim. Vim will automatically open files and set cursor position according to gdb context.

What is it

This is gdb plugin that will synchronize vim with gdb (running in separate terminal) to show you (with vim) the context of what is going on in gdb session. Vim will automatically update cursor position on break, step by step execution, backtrace examination, thread changes and many more.

How does it work

Vim has the ability to run as server, executing remote commands. VimView is a Python plugin that exploit this feature.


  1. Gdb with python support compiled in. Test with python-interactive command under gdb.
  2. Vim/gvim with clientserver option compiled in. Test it with vim --version - look for +clientserver. Note that vim needs to be run under X11/XWindow to be able to communicate (even the terminal version). You could try to run server:
vim --servername test

and remotely send command to it:

vim --servername test --remote ~/.vimrc


To start, run vim in server mode:

vim --servername gdb

And (in another terminal) under gdb:

source /path/to/
set vimview-onstop on
set vimview-onprompt on

You could also add this to your .gdbinit.

Now start debugging and you will see the magic.


Gdb commands available:

  • v or vim - show current frame in vim
  • vbreak - set breakpoint under current vim cursor position
  • vbreak [no] - show breakpoint position in vim


Gdb settings available:

  • set vimview-server [name] - change vim server name to use, default is gdb
  • set vimview-command [name] - change command to execute, default is vim
  • set vimview-onstop [on/off/auto] - show current position in vim whenever debugging stops; if sets to auto it will be activated only when VIMSERVER variable is set
  • set vimview-onprompt [on/off/auto] - show position on every prompt print (only when position was updated); if sets to auto it will be activated only when VIMSERVER variable is set
  • set vimview-tabs [on/off] - if on, each new file will be opened in another vim tab

Environment variables:

  • VIMSERVER - sets the server name, it is read only when this plugin is sourced

Convenience variables (to be used with other commands, e.g print $vw()):

  • $vw() - word under vim cursor
  • $ve() - expression under vim cursor
  • $vf() - absolute vim file path
  • $vl() - vim cursor line number
  • $vfl() - vim file:line, equivalent to $vf():$vl()

Debug options:

  • pi vimView.debug = True - print vim commands beeing executed


View current GDB frame in Vim







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