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26th and California

26th and California is a project to explain and visualize date from the Cook County Jail API.

See it in action at

Looking for the old version of this project? Find v1.0 on Github and on the web.

26th and California requires Tarbell with Google spreadsheet access configured.

Contributing to 26th and California

The 26th and California project welcomes non-coders and coders alike to contribute to building a useful and informative site about the Cook County Jail inmate population.

All contributors should request access to the Google spreadsheet which powers the site's content.

26th & California is self-documenting -- each page includes outstanding tasks related to further developing the page.

Tasks and their associated skills include:

  • Data clean-up (basic spreadsheet skills)
  • Copy and writing (basic spreadsheet skills)
  • Analysis (spreadsheet skills, basic understanding of web APIs)
  • Content development (HTML)
  • Design (HTML and CSS)
  • Visualization (HTML, CSS, and Javascript)

Contributing code

Install the project

Clone the repo:

git clone git:// 

Do some setup and launch the Tarbell preview server:

cd 26thandcalifornia
git submodule update --init
tarbell serve

Now visit http://localhost:5000 in your web browser.

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