Django project for loading, cleaning and querying data about criminal convictions in Cook County, Illinois
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A simple Django project for loading, cleaning and querying Cook County Illinois convictions data.

This is the preprocessing backend that drives the presentation of



Create spatial database


$ createdb convictions
$ psql convictions
> CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;


spatialite convictions.sqlite3 "SELECT InitSpatialMetaData();"
git clone
mkvirtualenv convictions
cd django-convictions
pip install -r requirements.txt
cp convictions/setttings/ convictions/settings/
# Edit convictions/settings/ to fill in the needed variables
./ syncdb
./ migrate

We use DataMade's usaddress package to parse addresses when anonymizing them to the block level. However, the stable version of the package doesn't support Python 3. In a pinch, we use a fork that I made that adds rough Python 3 support. We install this fork as editable, so we need to do the training.

workon convictions
cd /path/to/virtualenv/src/usaddress
python training/

Load spatial data

Download and unpack the Shapefile version of Chicago Community Areas.

Then run:

./ load_spatial_data CommunityArea data/Comm_20Areas/CommAreas.shp

Download and unpack the Shapefile version of the Cook County Municipalities data from

Then run:

./ load_spatial_data Municipality data/Municipality/Municipality.shp

Download and unpack the Shapefile version of the Census Tract data.

Then run:

./ load_spatial_data CensusTract data/CensusTracts2010/CensusTractsTIGER2010.shp

Download and unpack the Shapefile version of the Illinois Census Places data.

Then run:

./ load_spatial_data CensusPlace data/tl_2010_17_place10/tl_2010_17_place10.shp

Download and unpack the Shapefile version of the Illinois County data.

Then run:

./ load_spatial_data County data/tl_2010_17_county10/tl_2010_17_county10.shp

For generating the Chicago and Cook County border GeoJSON file, we use the cartographic versions of the county and place shapefiles because they remove offshore areas. You'll want to download and unpack those too.

Load census data

./ load_aff_data CensusTract total_population GEO.id2 HD01_VD01 HD02_VD01 data/ACS_10_5YR_B01003_with_ann__totpop__tracts.csv

./ load_aff_data CensusTract per_capita_income GEO.id2 HD01_VD01 HD02_VD01 data/ACS_10_5YR_B19301_with_ann__per_capita_income__tracts.csv

./ load_aff_data CensusPlace total_population GEO.id2 HD01_VD01 HD02_VD01 data/ACS_10_5YR_B01003_with_ann__totpop__places.csv

./ load_aff_data CensusPlace per_capita_income GEO.id2 HD01_VD01 HD02_VD01 data/ACS_10_5YR_B19301_with_ann__per_capita_income__places.csv

Aggregate census data to Chicago Community Areas

./ aggregate_census_fields

Identify suburbs

./ flag_chicago_msa_places data/tl_2010_17_place10_chicago_msa.csv

Identify suburbs in Cook County

./ flag_cook_county_places

Load raw dispositions data

This command will also fix known issues with columbs being shifted in some rows due to bad escaping of quoted columns in the raw CSV file.

Note that the --delete flag removes any previous records.

./ load_dispositions_csv --delete data/Criminal_Convictions_ALLCOOK_05-09.csv

Populate clean disposition records

Note that the --delete flag removes any previous records.

./ create_dispositions --delete

Geocode disposition records

./ geocode_dispositions

Detect Community Area and Census Place boundaries

./ boundarize

Create convictions records from the dispositions

./ create_convictions --delete

Export Community Area and Census Place GeoJSON

./ export_model_geojson CommunityArea > community_areas.json

./ export_model_geojson CensusPlace > suburbs.json

Export most common charges overall

./ most_common_statutes > top_statutes.csv

Export most common charges by geography

./ most_common_statutes_by_geo --model CommunityArea > top_statutes_by_community_area.csv
./ most_common_statutes_by_geo --model CensusPlace > export/top_statutes_by_suburb.csv

Extract Chicago and Cook County's border from a shapefile

./ border_geojson_from_shp data/gz_2010_17_160_00_500k/gz_2010_17_160_00_500k.shp data/gz_2010_us_050_00_500k/gz_2010_us_050_00_500k.shp > chicago_cook_borders.json

Export convictions by age bucket

./ export_age_json > convictions_by_age.json

Export disposition data

Export Disposition model records to CSV. Anonymize the data by dropping personal identifier fields and converting address fields to the block. For example, an address number of "2707" would be converted to "2700".

./ export_public_data > dispositions.csv

Export table of felony convictions

Export a CSV table of felony convictions by class and year, mirroring the format of the data at

Export count of cases where there ended up being a felony conviction. In this case, there may have been a charge that started as a misdemeanor but was later ammended to be a felony.

./ export_cases_by_class

Export count of cases where there was always a felony charge. That is, the charges filed were for felonies and they were never ammended to a different type.

./ export_cases_by_class --filter felony_always

Export table of how charge classes were amended

./manage export_cases_class_change

Or, as percentages (which is probably easier for seeing trends)

./manage export_cases_class_change --pct

Export table of drug convictions

./ export_drug_stats drug_by_class > export/drug_by_class.csv

Export table of top community areas by DUI

./ export_dui_convictions_by_geo --model CommunityArea --count 20 > export/top_dui_community_areas.csv

Manual Processes

Creating a list of suburban places

It's hard to define Chicago Suburbs. I made the decision to define these as Census Places in the counties that are part of Chicago's Metropolitan Statistical Area:

  • Cook
  • DeKalb
  • DuPage
  • Grundy
  • Kane
  • Kendall
  • McHenry
  • Will
  • Lake

I created a list of these census places by bringing the TIGER shapefile for Illinois counties into QGIS. I paired this down to the counties above. Then, I used the "Join Attributes by Location" vector data management tool to create a shapefile of only census places within these counties. Finally, I extracted the attributes from the shapefile as a CSV like this:

ogr2ogr -f CSV tl_2010_17_place10_chicago_msa.csv tl_2010_17_place10_chicago_msa/tl_2010_17_place10_chicago_msa.shp

Loading conviction places from dispositions

Because we added places mid-process, I didn't want to re-create Conviction records. I wrote a one-off management command to copy the places from the dispositions:

./ set_conviction_place

Other datasets