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Added restarting of gunicorn servers after dumping database to improv…

…e end user experience.
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1 parent 8648603 commit 3dc744daf3ca4381adaf25ab80b6800b9980b576 @nwinklareth nwinklareth committed Mar 2, 2014
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@@ -35,4 +35,7 @@ echo "Dumping database for `date`"
${MANAGE} dumpdata countyapi > ${DB_BACKUPS_DIR}/${DB_BACKUP_FILE}
(cd ${DB_BACKUPS_DIR} && gzip ${DB_BACKUP_FILE} && ln -sf ${DB_BACKUP_FILE}.gz latest.json.gz)
+echo "Restart gunicorn servers for better user experience."
+sudo service cookcountyjail restart
echo "Cook County Jail scraper V1.0 finished at `date`"

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