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Parse Court Locations #49

wilbertom opened this Issue Mar 9, 2013 · 0 comments

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It might be a good idea to start parsing the court locations with more detail. The objects currently look like this:
"id": "1",
"location": "Criminal C\nCriminal Courts Building, Room:506\n2650 South California Avenue Room: 506\nChicago, IL 60608\n"
If we break up the different segments in the models it will provide a better API. For example a model with:

location_name = Criminal C
branch_name = Criminal Courts Building
room_number = 506
address = 2650 South California Avenue,
city = Chicago,
state = IL
zip_code = 60608

Would make it possible to map out all the court dates currently happening at a specific location and, give us a better view of the traffic on it. Maybe not so far as to break up the city and state but far enough to separate it's zip code. With a zip code having it's own field we would be able to work at a much more abstract way.

@wilbertom wilbertom closed this Jul 13, 2013
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