Peekaboo Extended Email Attachment Behavior Observation Owl
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Peekaboo Extended Email Attachment Behavior Observation Owl

  • PeekabooAV is an Anti Virus software
  • It gets email attachments from AMaViSd, checks them, uses Cuckoo for behavioral checks, and evaluates and rates fully automatic
  • PeekabooAV is written in Python, multi-threaded, scalable, has a very powerful ruleset, and is easy to extend and personalize
  • It is able to detect: malware by its behavior, exploitation of zero days, and targeted attacks

For news and announcements follow us on twitter @peekabooAV.

Getting Started



Clone the repository

git clone

Install dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Install PeekabooAV

python install


Take a look at peekaboo.conf.sample and ruleset.conf.sample.

Running the tests

Runs the unit tests



Now, you can run PeekabooAV with

peekaboo -c /path/to/your/peekaboo.conf

Note: If you have your PeekabooAV configuration file named peekaboo.conf and put it in the base directory of the repository you can omit the -c option.
Also, for detailed command line options run

peekaboo --help

Usage without Installation

You can now run PeekabooAV without installing it using the script.

python -c /path/to/your/peekaboo.conf

Note: provides the same command line options like peekaboo. They can be displayed by running

python --help


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


  • Felix Bauer - Security Analyst and Project Leader - @Jack28
  • Sebastian Deiss - Technical Lead - @SebastianDeiss


This project is licensed under the GPL 3 license - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.