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The best art selection publishing system, with dA integration and lighting fast ui
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This one of my favorite web apps. I wrote first version of it back in 2012. At that moment it was just web interface for searching through several of folders on my pc, holding downloaded full versions of best fanarts from the web. When scaning, it used gd php lib to generate previes and store them on special subfolders. This was pretty slow on work, but easy to write and understand for me. Unfortunately I didn't backed up this version of my system. Some part of it can be found in commit's df2d5bd '_tmp-old' folder

The second version I made, didn't have to scan my harddrive for art, because it got small sqlite database, holding direct links to full arts on dA, and virtual categoris, which replaced my folders names in this role. But as on previous version I still used gd to generate thumbnails of arts and categories, and store them on my server hard drives. It also get first version of devianArt intergration script, able to parse my subscriptions and dnamicaly insert them into forms in CP. One of this old versions you can find in commit df2d5bd.

The current version you see here, is completely rewritten system. Now it uses fast mysql database, with improved tables structure. All the previws and full versions of arts are shippd by dA engine, so you are not dependent from perfomance of my server. My engine now just stores uniquie id of arts, and it's binding to my categories. The category previes are now generated with modern css and not stored to my server hdd. The statistics got better with more intelegent ip filters, and has visulised graphs for easy analytic. The dA integrator was also improved, so it stores found art ids from given user's subscriptions directly into db, while reading it, but all this new data marked with special category, invisible for regular users. If logined with master password, you will see this category, and special 'sticky' toolbar, allowing you to manage individaul arts or whole groups - delete or move them to normal (visible) categories.

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