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This repository has been archived by the owner on Oct 10, 2023. It is now read-only.
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πŸ— forkable Ethereum dev stack focused on fast product iterations


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πŸ— Scaffold-ETH

🚨🚨 This repository has been archived and is now read-only 🚨🚨

You are still welcome to fork and use as a template but no more changes will be made to this repository.

πŸŽ– Scaffold-ETH 2 is the latest version, we recommend you fork:

everything you need to build on Ethereum! πŸš€

πŸ§ͺ Quickly experiment with Solidity using a frontend that adapts to your smart contract:


πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Quick Start

Prerequisites: Node (v18 LTS) plus Yarn (v1.x) and Git

🚨 If you are using a version < v18 you will need to remove openssl-legacy-provider from the start script in package.json

1️⃣ clone/fork πŸ— scaffold-eth:

git clone

2️⃣ install and start your πŸ‘·β€ Hardhat chain:

cd scaffold-eth
yarn install
yarn chain

3️⃣ in a second terminal window, start your πŸ“± frontend:

🚨 if your contracts are not deployed to localhost, you will need to update the default network in App.jsx to match your default network in hardhat-config.js.

cd scaffold-eth
yarn start

4️⃣ in a third terminal window, πŸ›° deploy your contract:

🚨 if you are not deploying to localhost, you will need to run yarn generate first and then fund the deployer account. To view account balances, run yarn account. You will also need to update hardhat-config.js with the correct default network.

cd scaffold-eth
yarn deploy

πŸ” Edit your smart contract YourContract.sol in packages/hardhat/contracts

πŸ“ Edit your frontend App.jsx in packages/react-app/src

πŸ’Ό Edit your deployment scripts in packages/hardhat/deploy

πŸ“± Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app

πŸš¨πŸ“‘ To deploy to a public domain, use yarn surge. You will need to have a surge account and have the surge CLI installed. There is also the option to deploy to IPFS using yarn ipfs and yarn s3 to deploy to an AWS bucket πŸͺ£ There are scripts in the packages/react-app/src/scripts folder to help with this.`

πŸ“š Documentation

Documentation, tutorials, challenges, and many more resources, visit:

🍦 Other Flavors

πŸ”­ Learning Solidity

πŸ“• Read the docs:

πŸ“š Go through each topic from solidity by example editing YourContract.sol in πŸ— scaffold-eth

πŸ“§ Learn the Solidity globals and units

πŸ›  Buidl

Check out all the active branches, open issues, and join/fund the 🏰 BuidlGuidl!

πŸ’Œ P.S.

🌍 You need an RPC key for testnets and production deployments, create an Alchemy account and replace the value of ALCHEMY_KEY = xxx in packages/react-app/src/constants.js with your new key.

πŸ“£ Make sure you update the InfuraID before you go to production. Huge thanks to Infura for our special account that fields 7m req/day!

πŸƒπŸ’¨ Speedrun Ethereum

Register as a builder here and start on some of the challenges and build a portfolio.

πŸ’¬ Support Chat

Join the telegram support chat πŸ’¬ or buidlguidl discord to ask questions and find others building with πŸ— scaffold-eth!

πŸ™ Please check out our Gitcoin grant too!

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