Ways to Contribute

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Look at the Issues, especially ones marked good first issue.

Also join our Slack workspace at: https://perseus-slack.us1.eldarioncloud.com/

Here are some general ideas of ways to contribute beyond specific issues...

New and Improved Texts

Contribute to projects such as the Open Greek and Latin Project to increase the range of openly-available texts available for the Scaife Viewer.

Internationalisation and Localisation

The goal is for the Scaife Viewer to support a localisable user interface so we're looking for people to help us translate the UI into other languages. Initially it would help if you have some experience working with gettext-based systems.

Separately, if you had experience with Django or Vue.js I18N, we'd love help on furthering the internationalisation of the code ready for translation.

Improved Accessibility

We want to ensure assistive technologies can be used with the site and that there are no exclusive barriers to interacting with the site functionality. We'd really love help in this area.

Improved Mobile Capabilities

While much of the site functionality is perfectly usable on smaller devices, there is more work that can be done here. A certain amount of offline capability would be nice in the future (but that's a big task).

Elastic Search

If you have experience with Elastic Search, we'd love your contribution in improving our search capabilities.


We use XSLT to transform TEI EpiDoc XML into HTML and Vue.JS components within the reading environment. We'd definitely like to see some richer capabilities there, especially as there is often rich markup in the XML that we're not currently conveying in the reader.

New Widgets

We're looking to build an ecosystem of Vue.JS-based widgets that can be incorporated into the reading environment. These may include widgets that interact with external APIs to provide additional information about texts, or widgets that provide visualisations of the data we already have.

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