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This is a central place for our mailing lists and the wiki.
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This is the place for our mailing lists and wiki.

Mailing Lists

The folowing lists are available:

If you are interested in our monthly meetups, please subscribe to the Meetups mailing list. The Organizational mailing list deals with internal issues.


In order to subscribe to a mailing list you must be logged in to your github account. Simply visit its link and click the subscribe button in the right navigation menu. You will receive all notifications on this list by the mail address from your github account.

Sending mails

You can send mails to the mailing list in two different ways:

  1. If you are logged in to your github account, you can use the respective mailing list's web form.
  2. You can simply respond to a prior mail received from the mailing list and it will be sent to all subscribers.


The Wiki is a knowledge base for all tasks necessary for organizing the user group.

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