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jdugan1024 committed Apr 21, 2017
1 parent 6fd3d66 commit d0c12a86d4065976c39ceb7dcea011d205ff51b0
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@@ -27,11 +27,12 @@ object JsonSection extends FlatSpec with Matchers with definitions.Section {
* Next, to model a real json object, we need to support different data types in the value field. For this purpose,
* we have different available methods so we can create a Json object from different source data types. Some examples
* of these methods are `fromString`, `fromBoolean`, `fromDouble` and so on. For further details about all possible
* methods, see$
* methods, see$.html
* Let's take a look at how these methods work.
* {{{
* scala> import io.circe.Json
* scala> // fromString example
* scala> val jsonString: Json = Json.fromString("scala exercises")
* jsonString: io.circe.Json = "scala exercises"

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