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@@ -7,6 +7,15 @@ import org.scalatest.{FlatSpec, Matchers}
object GettingStartedWithFPSection extends FlatSpec with Matchers with org.scalaexercises.definitions.Section {

* = Functional programming in Scala =
* The following set of sections represent the exercises contained in the book "Functional Programming in Scala",
* written by Paul Chiusano and Rúnar Bjarnason and published by Manning. This content library is meant to be used
* in tandem with the book, although excerpts of the theory needed to complete them have been added to guide you.
* For more information about "Functional Programming in Scala" please visit its
* <a href="">official website</a>.
* = Tail-recursive functions =
* We're going to introduce some of the basic techniques for writing functional programs. Let's start by writing

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