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@@ -64,22 +64,28 @@ But the basic criteria are:
* send a message to the `dev mailing list`_, to check if we are likely to accept your contribution.
* clone the repository
* select the update site(s) you want to add your plugin to.
-* in ``site.xml``
+* in ``site.xml``:
* add your code feature in the relevant category.
* create a new category if that make sense.
* add your source feature in the source category.
-* in ``pom.xml``
+* in ``pom.xml``:
* create a property with the location of your update site.
* create a repository entry for your update site.
* run the build locally.
* check that installing your plugin using the local update site works correctly.
* create a pull request.
* wait for the comments on the pull request.
* modify or argue on the comments.
* after request as been merged, and the site(s) rebuilt, check that installing your plugin using the update site works correctly.
* improve this documentation and submit a pull request to help your fellow contributors.
2nd method: providing us the relevant information (may take an infinite time)

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