Ecosystem status page

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The status page

The Scala-IDE download server has a page that lays out the precise up-to-date contents of the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Status Page

The following intends to explain how that page renders the organisation of the ecosystems (using example screenshots taken in January 2013, so the particulars may of course vary depending on when you read this).

Available Add-ons

Available add-ons

The first section of the listing indicates the plugin builds that are accessible from the feature files that reference them, and that can therefore potentially be integrated with an ecosystem.

Available and Existing Sections

Available and existing

Then comes the listing for each flavor of the ecosystem. We'll describe just one. First comes the notation for a specific flavor, which references versions for scala, eclipse, and a Scala-IDE release status (here, dev-scala29-e37 references a milestone or release candidate build of Scala-IDE, on top of Scala 2.9 and Eclipse Indigo).

Immediately after, the subsection Available Scala IDE versions gives the content of a base repository used by plugin developers to build their plugins against.

The subsection Existing add-ons contains the existing builds provided in the ecosystems, along with their update URIs. Note there are two of them : the next repository helps plugin maintainers build a version of their plugin against the next version of the Scala-IDE, see the dedicated maintenance page.

Updated and next

Updated and next

The final section describes what would get produced if a build launch were to begin now. To clearly separate them from things available in the repository, they are tagged with " not rebuilt " labels.

The Updated section describes what would fall in the user-facing repositories, and the Next section describes what would end up in repositories dedicated to plugin forward compatibility.