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@huitseeker huitseeker more cheatsheet integration 221c75b
@huitseeker huitseeker revamping Seeding d66f405
@huitseeker huitseeker typos, updated Jenkins job 1bc48cd
@huitseeker huitseeker more typos e6f87ca
@huitseeker huitseeker final typos b933031
@huitseeker huitseeker home page updates, some typo fixes d7c46de
@huitseeker huitseeker initial wording change 204df42
@skyluc skyluc Updated Home (markdown) c448d35
@skyluc skyluc Updated Home (markdown) 9e57112
@skyluc skyluc Updated Home (markdown) 6694b6e
@skyluc skyluc Updated Home (markdown) 7c148d0
@skyluc skyluc Updated Home (markdown) 47d270e
@skyluc skyluc Added section for Scala IDE and plug-in developers 678a044
@skyluc skyluc start of documentation bfc7d2f
@ghprb-bot ghprb-bot Initial Commit 14af742
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