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The Play2 plug-in provides first-class support for Play2 Route and Template files in Eclipse, for both Java and Scala projects. In practice, what this means is that some of the features your are used to having in the Scala or Java Editor (e.g., syntax highlighting, errors-as-you-type reporting, code completion, hyperlinking) are also available when editing Play2 files.


Supported Play versions

This plugin provides Eclipse supports for both Play 2.4.x and Play 2.3.x projects, but it should also work fine with older Play releases.


  • Eclipse WTP: The Play2 plug-in depends on the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project. There are two ways in which the Eclipse WTP Project can be installed:
    • Automatically: when installing the Play2 plug-in through one of the update-sites detailed below, check the box Contact all update sites during install to find required software as seen in the screenshot below.

      Automatic WTP Installation

    • Manually: Eclipse WTP can be manually installed using an update-site specific to your version of Eclipse.

Installing the Play2 plug-in


  • Install the Scala IDE. Even if you plan on using Play2 from Java, installing the Scala IDE is required.

  • The latest stable release of the Play2 plug-in can be installed via the same update-site that you used to install the Scala IDE. The Play2 plug-in is listed under the Scala IDE plugins group.


To install the nightly build of the Play2 plug-in use the following update-site:

Note that it is important to install a nightly, published on the same day, for both the Scala IDE and the Play2 plug-in. Otherwise, your installation may show instability because of possible binary incompatibilities. The update-site for the Scala IDE nightly can be found here.


If you are new to Play2, read the Play Eclipse setup guide.

Supported Features

Check out the Features page.

Report Issues

Please, make sure to file tickets for any issue you may experience in the project's issue tracker.

Get Involved

The Play2 plug-in could certainly use your help. Get involved now! Just pick a ticket you would like to work on, and drop us a note in the scala-ide-dev Mailing List. We'll be glad to have you in the Team!

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