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This project builds an Eclipse bundle, with the Scala IDE pre-installed and higher memory settings. This is aimed as a fast-track to get started with Scala, when people are not experienced with Eclipse or don't want to install and setup their own IDE.

Besides the Scala IDE, the following software is also pre-installed:

  • Scala worksheet
  • Java Development Tools
  • m2eclipse and m2eclipse-scala

Note that this project does not build the Scala IDE. It packages the latest Scala IDE version that has been published in the public, stable, update site.


The packaged update site location, and the build id need to be configured before running the actual build. This is done using the configure profile.

mvn --non-recursive -Pconfigure -P<build_profile> -Dversion.tag=<tag> process-resources

After that, the normal build can be run

mvn -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore -P<build_profile> \
    -Dversion.tag=<major.miror-version> -Djarsigner.storepass=******** \
    -Djarsigner.keypass=******** \
    -Djarsigner.keystore=<pathTo/typesafe-keystore/typesafe.keystore> \
    clean package

For example, to package using the 2.10 version of the Scala IDE, the version tag 3.0 tag, run the following two commands:

$ mvn --non-recursive -Pconfigure -Pscala-2.10.x \
    -Dversion.tag=3.0.0-vfinal process-resources
$ mvn -Dtycho.localArtifacts=ignore -Pscala-2.10.x \
    -Dversion.tag=3.0.0-vfinal -Djarsigner.storepass=******** \
    -Djarsigner.keypass=******** \
    -Djarsigner.keystore=<pathTo/typesafe-keystore/typesafe.keystore> \
    clean package

The resulting products are in org.scala-ide.product/target/products/. Currently, there are six platform-dependent archives (Windows, Linux and Mac, for 32 and 64 bits).

Issue tracker

You can report issues on the Typesfe Stack Assembla space, using the Packaging component.


This project is maintained by the Typesafe Scala IDE team.