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75896cf Miles Sabin Updated for Tycho build.
milessabin authored
1 source.. = src/
d2b741a David Bernard fix missing templates xml file as part of the build
davidB authored
2 output.. = target/classes/
3 bin.includes = META-INF/,\
a509d7c Matt Russell Add formatter preferences page
mdr authored
4 .,\
5 docs/,\
6 icons/,\
7 plugin.xml,\
8 toc.xml,\
9 license.html,\
10 about.ini,\
11 about.png,\
4f1341d Iulian Dragos Added miglayout.jar to the output jar, so that it's found at runtime.
dragos authored
12 templates/,\
bfc88fd Luc Bourlier Major refactoring of the maven build.
skyluc authored
13 target/lib/,\
e3989e5 Luc Bourlier Improved the product configuration
skyluc authored
15 plugin_customization.ini,\
16 product.png,\
17 intro-scala.png,\
18 about.mappings
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