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import scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer
trait TypeTreeTraverser {
val global: tools.nsc.Global
import global._
implicit def tree2treeWrapper(tree: Tree): TreeWrapper = new TreeWrapper(tree)
* Monadic wrapper for a Tree. The wrapper is actually very similar
* to {{{TreeOps}}}, with the difference that is uses the below defined
* {{{TypeTreeTraverser}}} in place of the standard {{{Traverser}}} to
* traverse the Tree.
class TreeWrapper(tree: Tree) {
private val adaptee = new TreeOps(tree)
def isType: Boolean = adaptee.isType
def foreach(f: Tree => Unit) {
new ForeachTypeTreeTraverser(f).traverse(tree)
// TODO: Need to replace {{{filter}} with {{{withFilter}}}
def filter(p: Tree => Boolean): List[Tree] = {
val ft = new FilterTypeTreeTraverser(p)
//Note [mirco]: The implementation was copied from {{{Trees.ForeachTreeTraverser}}}. Can this be avoided?
private class ForeachTypeTreeTraverser(f: Tree => Unit) extends TypeTreeTraverser {
override def traverse(t: Tree) {
//Note [mirco]: The implementation was copied from {{{Trees.ForeachTreeTraverser}}}. Can this be avoided?
private class FilterTypeTreeTraverser(p: Tree => Boolean) extends TypeTreeTraverser {
val hits = new ListBuffer[Tree]
override def traverse(t: Tree) {
if (p(t)) hits += t
* Traverse {{{TypeTree}} AST nodes if an {{{original}}} (underlying) Tree exists.
* This let us decompose traverse type trees such as {{{ExistentialTypeTree}}} which
* would otherwise be ignored by the standard {{{}}}
* implementation
private trait TypeTreeTraverser extends Traverser {
override def traverse(tree: Tree): Unit = tree match {
case tpeTree: TypeTree =>
val original = tpeTree.original
if (original == null || original == tpeTree) super.traverse(tpeTree)
else traverse(original)
case _ => super.traverse(tree)
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