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<p>The Rename refactoring can be used to rename all names defined in a Scala program. This includes for example: methods, classes, objects, local variables, method parameters, type parameters. To perform the refactoring, the name has to be selected -- placing the cursor on the name also suffices -- and then the refactoring can be invoked.</p>
<p>If the name that is renamed is only accessible in the source file -- for example, a local variable, or a method inside another method -- then the refactoring is invoked in the inline mode, which links all occurrences in the source file and changes them as you type:
<img src="images/rename_screenshot_3.png">
<p>If the name is accessible from other source files, the renaming is done in the wizard and the changes can be previewed:
<img src="images/rename_screenshot_2.png">
<p>When the new name is entered in the wizard, it is checked if the name is valid and not already in use.</p>
<p>When renaming a top-level type in a file where the source file has the same name as the type, the file is currently not renamed.</p>
<p>Scala 2.8 introduced named parameters, but because of how they are represented internally, they are not being renamed at the moment, leading to compile errors.</p>
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