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import org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor
import org.eclipse.ltk.core.refactoring.RefactoringStatus
* Helper trait that adds an index variable to a refactoring.
* Needed to be able to factor out common functionality of refactorings
* that need an index of the full project.
* @see IndexedIdeRefactoring
trait Indexed {
this: GlobalIndexes =>
var index = GlobalIndex(Nil)
* Abstract ScalaIdeRefactoring for refactorings that need an index of the full project.
abstract class IndexedIdeRefactoring(refactoringName: String, start: Int, end: Int, sourcefile: ScalaSourceFile)
extends ScalaIdeRefactoring(refactoringName, sourcefile, start, end) with FullProjectIndex {
val project = sourcefile.project
val refactoring: MultiStageRefactoring with GlobalIndexes with Indexed
* A cleanup handler, will later be set by the refactoring
* to remove all loaded compilation units from the compiler.
var cleanup = () => ()
override def checkInitialConditions(pm: IProgressMonitor): RefactoringStatus = {
val status = super.checkInitialConditions(pm)
if (!status.hasError) {
// the hints parameter is not used, this can slow down the refactoring considerably!
val (index, cleanupIndex) = buildFullProjectIndex(pm, indexHints)
refactoring.index = index
// will be called after the refactoring has finished
cleanup = cleanupIndex
if (pm.isCanceled) {
status.addWarning("Indexing was cancelled, aborting refactoring.")
* Provide hints for index building.
def indexHints(): List[String] = Nil
override def createChange(pm: IProgressMonitor) = {
val change = super.createChange(pm)
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