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added support for wrapping literals in Option (so far its not working

because compiler returns strange annotations)
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commit 4285a15254e88b7cf160b0a3fc60e200e39f74e8 1 parent e9de447
@kaptoxic kaptoxic authored
10 org.scala-ide.sdt.core/src/scala/tools/eclipse/quickfix/TypeMismatchQuickFixProcessor.scala
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ import java.util.regex.Pattern
* @author Ivan Kuraj
* This object is used for applying code transformations based on the found and required type
* extract from the annotation message (such as quick fix message) and the expression in the source code.
- * The object arguments are: found type string, required type string and annotation string, respective and
+ * The object arguments are: found type string, required type string and annotation string, respectively and
* the result is a list of strings which should replace the annotation string
object TypeMismatchQuickFixProcessor extends
@@ -31,6 +31,13 @@ object TypeMismatchQuickFixProcessor extends
List("Option(%s)", "Some(%s)"),
Pattern.compile("(.*)"), Pattern.compile("Option\\[(.*)\\]"), Pattern.compile("^(.*)$")
+ // TODO: compiler does not return annotations properly, uncomment this and tests when it is fixed
+ // "type mismatch: found BasicType(T); required Option[T]" -> suggest to wrap the result in Some()
+// ,
+// FoundToRequiredTypeCase(
+// List("Option(%s)", "Some(%s)"),
+// Pattern.compile("(?:java\\.lang\\.)([a-zA-Z&&[^\\(\\)]]+)\\(.*\\)"), Pattern.compile("Option\\[(.*)\\]"), Pattern.compile("^(.*)$")
+// )
@@ -73,6 +80,7 @@ abstract class SimpleFormatQuickFixCase(formatStrings: List[String]) extends Typ
* capturing all groups according to the found and required patterns and compares them for match -
* if all match, the replacement is proceeded by extracting inject strings from the annotation pattern
* and applying them to SimpleFormatQuickFixCase
+ *
* found and required patterns should extract the same number of groups
* annotation string should extract required number of groups to feed the given format string
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