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AUTHORS file updated with names of expression evaluator authors

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@@ -21,9 +21,11 @@ Ivan Kuraj <(λx.λy.x@y) (ivan.kuraj)(>
James Earl Douglas <(λx.λy.x@y) (james)(>
Jedd Haberstro <(λx.λy.x@y) (jedd.haberstro)(>
Jeremy Heiner <(λx.λy.x@y) (ScalaProtractor)(>
+Jerzy Müller <(λx.λy.x@y) (sidus.gemini)(>
Jin Mingjian <(λx.λy.x@y) (>
Jon Mundorf <(λx.λy.x@y) (ejmundorf)(>
Joshua Suereth <(λx.λy.x@y) (joshua.suereth)(>
+Krzysztof Romanowski <(λx.λy.x@y) (>
Luc Bourlier <(λx.λy.x@y) (luc.bourlier)(>
Mads Hartmann Jensen <(λx.λy.x@y) (mads379)(>
Lanna Marconi <(λx.λy.x@y) (marconi.lanna)(>
@@ -32,10 +34,13 @@ Matthew Farwell <(λx.λy.x@y) (matthew)(>
Matthew Neeley <(λx.λy.x@y) (mneeley)(>
Matt Russell <(λx.λy.x@y) (MattRussellUK)(>
Michael Holzer <(λx.λy.x@y) (michi_holzer)(>
+Michał Pociecha <(λx.λy.x@y) (michal.pociecha)(>
Miles Sabin <(λx.λy.x@y) (miles)(>
Mirco Dotta <(λx.λy.x@y) (mirco.dotta)(>
Mirko Stocker <(λx.λy.x@y) (me)(>
Paul Phillips <(λx.λy.x@y) (paulp)(>
+Paweł Batko <(λx.λy.x@y) (pawel.batko)(>
+Piotr Kukiełka <(λx.λy.x@y) (piotr.kukielka)(>
Rafał Krzewski <(λx.λy.x@y) (rafal.krzewski)(>
Richard O. Legendi <(λx.λy.x@y) (richard.legendi)(>
Robin Green <(λx.λy.x@y) (greenrd)(>

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