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Commits on Aug 15, 2012
  1. @dotta

    Created extension point for SourceFileProvider so that the Hyperlinki…

    dotta authored
    …ng logic can be easily used by other plugins (e.g., worksheet)
    The extension mechanism is such that other plugins will be able to register new source file provider and benefit of the existing
    declaration hyperlink detection logic.
    The fix was motivated by, and hopefully it will be useful for others.
    Fix #1001208
Commits on Nov 8, 2011
  1. @misto

    Initial Import of Implicit Highlighting.

    misto authored
    This is the initial import of all the implicit-highlighting
    code (i.e. Jin Mingjian's GSOC contribution) from wip_exp_backport
    to wip_experiment.
    This includes a new extension point to register extensions for
    the editor's reconciliation process, the parts that handle the
    actual annotation of the editor as well as quickfixes. I tried
    to change as little as possible in the code, but I changed some
    of the packages to keep the relevant code parts closer together.
    I also changed how the quickfix gets the annotations (ScalaQuick-
    AssistProcessor's getAssists): the previous version used the
    locations-Array, but this didn't work for me (I wonder why this
    ever worked), so I changed it to use the IInvocationContext.
    To the reviewers: I left some XXX/TODO comments in the code when
    I wasn't sure about something (there are also some left from
    the original implementation). Also, the parts relevant for the
    PC interaction is in the SemanticHighlightingPresenter's update
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