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docs CRLF
icons Highlight by-name parameters at their creation
resources Move expression evaluator to its own module
schema Merge branch 'master' into save-actions
src-kepler/org/scalaide/core/internal/jdt/util Creates an API for Scala plugin
src-luna/org/scalaide/core/internal/jdt/util Creates an API for Scala plugin
src/org/scalaide Merge pull request #933 from Kwestor/feature/tasks-1002137
templates Create `EmptyFileCreator`
.classpath Unify kepler and luna branches as different profiles under the same b…
.gitignore Major refactoring of the maven build.
.project Add Scalastyle plugin
.scalastyle Add Scalastyle plugin
README Moved contents to new project subdirectories. Removed old binaries.
about.ini Fix character encoding issue in about.ini
about.png Merge branding additions from "master" (more or less cherry-picking f… Add scala-hover.css to
license.html Changed copyright to 2002-2011 from 2010. Time flies Remove ScalaIDE product definitions and dependencies.
plugin.xml Show code background color everywhere in InterpreterConsoleView
pom.xml Bump development version to 4.1.0
scala-ide-style-config.xml In the immortal words of @paulp:
toc.xml Add some help contents for the Scala refactorings. Also link them wit…


This module is part of the Scala IDE for Eclipse. See,

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