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Giger8 template for Eclipse plugins developed in Scala
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Giger8 template for Eclipse plugins developed in Scala.

This template produces 5 Eclipse plugins:

  • the plugin itself
  • the plugin.tests fragment
  • an Eclipse feature
  • an Eclipse source feature
  • an Eclipse update-site

The projects can readily be imported inside Eclipse. Additionally, you have maven pom files based on Tycho, enabling command line builds.


You have giter8 in your $PATH. If you don't, please follow the instructions here for how to install it.

Create your project

$ git
$ g8 file://scala-plugin.g8/
name [Scala Sample plugin]: myplugin   
provider [org.example]: com.mycompany
pluginName [org.example.plugin]: com.mycompany.myplugin
className [SampleAction]: MyPlugin
providerName [Scala IDE]: MyCompany 

Template applied in ./myplugin
$ cd myplugin

Build your project

The produced project is using a plain maven build, so just go ahead an type mvn clean install

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