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+Next Scala Search
-Giger8 template for Eclipse plugins based on the Scala IDE.
+The next Scala Search Engine for Scala IDE. Currently there's not much
+to see here.
-This template produces 5 Eclipse plugins:
-* the plugin itself
-* the `plugin.tests` fragment
-* an Eclipse feature
-* an Eclipse source feature
-* an Eclipse update-site
+The build is configured using maven so you build by invoking the following:
-The projects can readily be imported inside Eclipse. Additionally, you have maven `pom` files
-based on Tycho, enabling command line builds.
+ mvn -P scala-ide-master-scala-trunk clean package
+Running it
-## Note:
+The easiest way to work on the plugin is to import the projects into Eclipse and run it using
+the [Equinox Weaving Launcher]( plugin.
+To install the Equinox Weaving Launcher, use the following Eclipse update site:
-By default, the maven build is performed against the latest stable versions (Scala IDE 2.0 and Scala 2.9).
-The available profiles are:
-* `scala-ide-2.0-scala-2.9` (default)
-* `scala-ide-2.0.x-scala-2.9`
-* `scala-ide-master-scala-2.9`
-* `scala-ide-master-scala-trunk`
+This adds the run configuration `Eclipse Application with Equinox Weaving`.
-Run maven like this:
- mvn -P scala-ide-master-scala-trunk clean install
+- [Jenkins Job](
@@ -115,8 +115,8 @@
<!-- scm configuration is require to extract the github hash-->
- <connection>scm:git://</connection>
- <url></url>
+ <connection>scm:git://</connection>
+ <url></url>

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