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Next Scala Search

The next Scala Search Engine for Scala IDE.

Please, use the scala-ide-user Mailing List for questions and comments. Or, if you are interested in contributing, drop us a email on scala-ide-dev.

Report A Bug

File tickets in our issue tracker, or drop a message in the scala-ide-user mailing list if you have any doubt.

Install it

The latest stable versions can be installed through the update site of the stable version of the IDE

Nightlies can be installed through this update site.


Simply run the ./ script.

The scala-search build is based on plugin-profiles and can be built against several versions of the IDE, Eclipse and Scala compiler.

Running it

The easiest way to work on the plugin is to import the projects into Eclipse and run it using the Equinox Weaving Launcher plugin. More instructions about it can be found here.