A Scala IDE plugin for a multi-line REPL (called worksheet)
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Scala Worksheet plugin for Eclipse

A simple worksheet implementation for Scala IDE. It is a glorified editor, with the option of evaluating the script and placing the results of each expression in a comment on the same line.

There are 5 Eclipse plugins:

  • the plugin itself
  • the plugin.tests fragment
  • the plugin's runtime library (needed for producing the worksheet's output)
  • an Eclipse feature
  • an Eclipse source feature
  • an Eclipse update-site

The projects can readily be imported inside Eclipse. Additionally, you have maven pom files based on Tycho, enabling command line builds.



Simply run the ./build.sh script.

The worksheet build is based on plugin-profiles and can be built against several versions of the IDE, Eclipse and Scala compiler.

Launching the build.sh script will exand to the following Maven command:

mvn -Peclipse-indigo,scala-2.10.x,scala-ide-stable clean install

You can choose a different profile for any of the three axis: eclipse platform, Scala version and Scala IDE stream. Read here for more details.